Quality control

Ensuring the best quality of products and thus providing Kabat clients with maximum satisfaction from their use are the main tasks carried out at the company.

Quality control

All products offered to recipients are subject to full inspection before being marketed.

The benchmark is compliance with established standards and client requirements.

Careful quality control is carried out at every stage of production.

We want to provide our clients with proven products that are made from the highest quality raw materials, and are safe and durable.

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Quality control includes:

During the implementation of the quality management system, huge emphasis was placed on self-checks performed during specific tasks by each operator in accordance with the guidelines available at the workstation – the product’s process documentation.

  • laboratory tests of compounds and products (for the sale of compounds, after conducting all laboratory tests, a quality certificate is issued, which confirms the fulfilment of customer requirements),
  • checking compliance of semi-finished products with process documentation at individual stages of production (all data from the inspections are monitored in a computer system and thoroughly analysed),
  • quality control of inner tubes and moulded products performed by visual examination of each piece, carried out at a quality control station. All inner tubes and selected moulded products are inspected.