We develop proven technologies by introducing innovations to them. In this way, we increase the efficiency and reliability of techniques used for producing rubber products while protecting the environment.

Modernisation of compounds

We strive to be a reliable supplier of high-quality inner tubes, inner tube flaps, agricultural and industrial tyres, as well as rubber products. We want to be seen as a company that operates based on the values intrinsic to a family business. We constantly invest in employees, who are the biggest capital for us.

Kabat Tire Polish Tire and Tube Manufacturer
Kabat Tire Polish Tire and Tube Manufacturer

Experienced construction office

We currently export our products to 80 countries around the world, from Europe to America, Asia and Africa. We have our own Design Office and a modern Technology Department, which means we’re able to quickly and economically prepare moulds for new products. In the modern R&D Department, we manufacture rubber compounds for our clients with great care. We’re an important supplier of this semi-finished product to other production plants, both in Poland and abroad.


For many years, the development of our company has taken several directions. On the one hand, we dynamically develop sales both by increasing the number of recipients in the country and abroad, as well as by permanent development of the range of products offered, which are very often developed in cooperation with a specific client. On the other hand, for quite some time, our company has been continuously investing in the development of its employees, machinery, buildings and IT software.

Kabat Tire Polish Tire and Tube Manufacturer