In the mid-90s, Kabat began expanding into international markets. At first, these were mainly neighbouring markets (Lithuania, Czech Republic, Slovakia); however, with the development of the company, the number of recipients also grew.

International trust

Thanks to the quality of our products, we’ve gained the trust of clients from Europe, Africa, Asia, as well as North and South America.

In the following years, the share of exports in the company’s profits continued to increase. Currently, it accounts for almost 70% of our sales. The increase in the share of exports is a factor stimulating the company’s growth.

Kabat Tire Polish Tire and Tube Manufacturer
Kabat Tire Polish Tire and Tube Manufacturer

Professional approach to clients

Our recognition abroad and such dynamic development are possible due to many factors.

The highest-quality products combined with service and flexibility, as well as an individual approach to clients mean that a more and more recipients are reaching for our products.

Customer service is carried out by a team of experienced sales representatives responsible for relevant language zones.

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